CRSSD Fest delivers with fresh lineup and unique location


In an era when “festival season” is now year-long, and a new EDM fest seems to spark up every week, the people behind CRSSD Fest are bringing us a breathe of fresh air both figuratively, and literally with a unique lineup and previously untapped waterfront location in sunny San Diego.

The Lineup
If you’re not familiar with all the names on the flyer above, that’s because they haven’t been overbooked at every dance music festival in North America. No big-room banger sets that seem to repeat themselves endlessly here. Nope, here’s some real talent that the more seasoned dance music fan will certainly appreciate. An eclectic mix of deep house (Maceo Plex, Damian Lazarus) indie-dance (Flight Facilities, Goldroom) tropical house (Thomas Jack) and straight funk (Chromeo, Treasure Fingers) will make this one of the vibiest, grooviest festivals we’ve been to in quite some time.


The Location
San Diego’s Waterfront Park. As the name indicates, it’s right on SD’s beautiful bay. Imagine a gentle sea breeze, grass, and even fountains all surrounded by modern architecture. There’s something about the perfect setting that makes music that much more enjoyable. Those tunes are going to sound really, REALLY good. And since FNGRS CRSSD has partnered up with Goldenvoice for the planning of the festival, you can expect nothing short of the best organization and great production value as well.

The Details
CRSSD Fest is set to take place in San Diego on March 14th and 15th, strictly for the 21+ crowd. For maximum enjoyment we suggest you hop on a 2-day pass before they run out, but single day passes will be available today starting at 2PM.


For all the latest info make sure you also link up with CRRSD FEST ON FACEBOOK

See you there.

Written By – Damien Boulat – 02/25/2014

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Three Krewella Tracks NOT produced by Rain Man

In the past few days, as word came that Kris Trindl, better known as Rain Man, is suing his former Krewella bandmates for $5 Million dollars for allegedly forcing him out of the group, there have been a lot of negative comments both in the media and from the EDM community on social media accusing Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf of being solely motivated by money and claiming that they have no talent of their own, using an onslaught of derogatory language in doing so.

The fact is, apart from Krewella, their management and those closest to them, no one knows what really happened and whether Kris was “kicked out” or, if as the girls claim he resigned on his own. Our purpose here is not to take sides, nor to discredit Rain Man who produced many of the trios biggest hits such as Alive and Killin It, but to show that Jahan and Yasmine deserve credit in their own right.

To do so we’d like to share some tracks that feature, the vocals, and songwriting of Jahan and Yasmine, in collaboration with producers other than Rain Man. Despite what many claim, the girls are perfectly adept behind the decks, even delivering an amazing and impromptu Drum n’ Bass set at the Bass Pod stage of this year’s EDC Las Vegas. They’ve worked very hard at their craft, and have endured a grueling touring schedule that included as many as 3 shows per day delivering performances that were always full of energy, and more often than not took a lot of time to interact with fans post-show. They were the public personalities of Krewella, and along with their management team developed a fan-base that went far beyond the appeal of their music.

It remains to be seen if Krewella can continue exist after this split. In the eyes of many they stood for unity, and these events will certainly be very damaging to that image. What is certain, is that all three members are talented, and they ALL deserve credit for their success as a group.

Live for the Night – Produced by Cash Cash

Rise & Fall – Produced by Adventure Club

Lights & Thunder – Produced by Gareth Emery

Finally, we’d like to leave you with an impromptu piano/singing session Yasmine shared with her fans:


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Techno Parade 2014: The Wildest Party in the Streets of Paris

techno parade 2014 paris

Here at EDMV we go to a lot of dance music events. It’s what we do. We love it! That said after a while some of the festivals start to feel the same. A Top-100 DJ, a massive stage, a wall of speakers, LED lights, lasers and confetti. It’s a hell of a good time, but you can’t help but feel that a fresh new experience is needed.

Welcome to the Techno Parade in Paris, France. The crowd, at an estimated 350,000 people for this year’s edition, is beyond the scope of any traditional EDM festival in the world. All this in the streets of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, the sea of people pulsing to the beat of electronic music on every surface imaginable (bus stops, scaffolding, street lights…) and in the middle of the day. Our minds were blown, what a thrill! It’s an atmosphere of freedom, and craziness that a festival full of rules and regulations just cannot match. An urban playground for dance music lovers, the fact that the city of Paris has continued to allow this event to exist for 16 years is wonderful, and a testament to the fantastic job the team at Technopol do in their organization of the massive parade. Yes, it gets pretty wild, and perhaps a few in the crowd take it too far, but all in all, the event happened without a major incident and we all had an absolute blast.

techno_parade_17On to the music, this year was very special as for the very first time a bass music act was chosen as the ambassador of the festival: Dirtyphonics. In a brief chat we had with two out of the French trio, they expressed to us how honored they felt to be able to headline this event in front of their home crowd. A few hours later they closed out the parade aboard the famed FG Radio float, slaying the crowd at and around Bastille with a freestyle set full of “dirty” beats that surely rattled the windows of every Parisian apartment around. Despite their evident love for Paris, they also let us know that they plan to make Los Angeles their permanent home to bring them closer to the heart of the music industry. After their very smooth collaboration with Zeds Dead on Mad Decent, make sure to stay tuned for their return to Dim Mak Records for an upcoming EP set to be released later this year.

techno_parade_27Of course, as with every year, hundreds of other acts were also featured across a variety of floats. From disco house, to hardstyle, every genre of electronic was represented and the DJs were out to impress delivering sets of quality for eager fans whose energy was simply through the roof. We especially liked that the Techno Parade chose to create a special float dedicated to electronic musicians from Vietnam. This crew brought a diverse range of sounds, and fresh take on dance music further adding to the originality of this epic street festival.

techno parade 2014 paris

As hard as we may try to describe the feeling of being at this parade, and our photo gallery may help, it’s something you really must experience for yourself. We’ll certainly be saving our pennies to fly back out to Paris next September, and we suggest you do the same. Vive la Techno Parade!


Written By – Cassandra Ibarez || Photos By – Damien Boulat – 09/19/2014

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