In Depth: Krewella – Live for the Night – Official Music Video

music video krewella live for the night

Today we are really excited to share with you EDM trio Krewella‘s latest music video, especially since we were lucky enough to be on set at the shoot in Los Angeles. According to Yasmine of Krewella, ‘Live for the Night’ was actually written before all the singles released on the recent ‘Play Hard’ EP including their biggest hit to date ‘Alive.’ We are glad it’s finally seeing the light of day (pun intended) because the combination of the vocals and the excellent dub-infused electro-house production by ‘Rainman’ make this a very addictive and energetic track that is sure to get dance floors going crazy. It also lends itself well to remixes, several of which are up and coming and will surely satisfy those of you who were hoping for something with a harder edge.

The video itself was directed by Agressive TV who did a fantastic job telling the story. Set in a mysterious suburban town, the “Krew” breaks into a nuclear powerplant to host their own party, shutting down the town’s power in the process. Of course the men in blue are none too happy and race to stop the festivities, only to be stopped short and zapped away in a nuclear storm, leaving us hanging as the video ends with a “to be continued.”

In reality, it was shot over two days primarily in a warehouse outside of downtown Los Angeles where the film crew invited a lucky few to be part of the shoot alongside Krewella. It was amazing to see just how much work it took to get each shot and we especially admire Yasmine for pushing through the long hours despite being sick during the shoot. Fans were first asked to take part for a shot where they walked past ‘Rainman’ holding a bright light at the end of a tube (seen showering sparks in the video), in a zombie like state, seemingly dazed by it. Eventually after Yasmine and Jahan took several more solo shots, everyone joined in and it was time to rage all out around a makeshift DJ booth for the final shots. Fans seemed to be having the time of their life and very grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing project alongside Krewella.

We are happy to see that everyone’s hard work has paid off, as we think the result is Krewella’s best music video to date! Watch it below and let us know what you thought in the comments. Also be on the lookout for a behind-the-scenes video which of course we’ll have right here on EDM Videos coming up very soon.

Don’t forget Krewella is also embarking on a massive North American tour, head over to for all the dates and ticket info.

Their full album ‘Get Wet’ is now available for pre-order, get it here.

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